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Video poker tournaments are run much the same as a slot machine tournament. If you sign up to one of these tournaments you will have to be aware of all the rules (as if you didn’t know) and all the costs that may be involved. Most of the costs are covered in the one-time registration fee that you pay to the casino, ranging from $200 to $400. This bulked up cost usually covers two nights stay in the casino, two breakfasts, and one dinner party that is held at the end of the tournament.

Most of the Video Poker tournaments that are run are ‘Jack or Better’ tournaments. So, if you are not familiar with video poker, maybe you should read up on some of the rules and guidelines I have provide. As for the folks that know more about the VP scene, you can continue, as you know what I will be referring to throughout the rest of the content.

‘Jacks or Better’ is usually the casino’s choice because they can provide enough machines for a large amount of people and still not take away from the regular casino flow of traffic. Most casinos have hundreds of ‘Jacks or Better’ machines and by only occupying a bank of fifty or more, they will not interrupt the rest of the casinos profits.

The casino sets up these tournaments to be as fair as they possibly can, so instead of looking for a machine with a high payout schedule and higher payouts, the casino has made this equal across the board. Most even increase the payouts and the payout schedules to cause people to make as much noise as possible. I mean think about it, if you were walking by a group of fifty to a hundred people going crazy with winning machines, wouldn’t you be more inclined to drop a quarter into the next machine you pass by? I am guessing you said yes and so were they.

Land-based casino video poker tournaments can be found throughout the world, but no other place does it as good as Las Vegas. Here you will find weekly, even daily tournaments that go on. Some casinos even invite their more dedicated players to the casino free of charge, with a couple nights free stay. If you happen to be interested in investigating this growing craze you should visit this site, it has a whole listing of tournaments right up until the end of the year. It is constantly updated and impresses me every time I refer to its listings, so without further ado, Las Vegas Advisor.

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