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If you are a craps player and like it, then you should consider entering in a craps tournament. Some tournaments can be free, some have a small entry fee, some can be a bit more expensive, it all depends on what the casino is offering and more dependent on the total winning prize money.

In order to get started you must obviously show up to the casino first, but you have to bring your cash in order to buy in. When you are playing in a craps tournament, you had better use a very different strategy from your regular game strategy. The reason is some of the rules change from normal play and in order to be victorious you must have a different approach and style of play. For example, the casino might insist that you bet on pass or donít pass, in addition to any other bets that you might make.

Something that is important to find out before you begin is whether you can add money to your bankroll after you have begun game play. This will be all explained to you in an orientation for the tournament so pay close attention to all that the tournament advisors and organizers have to say.

When you begin play, you will see that there are conservative players, playing pass or come with maximum odds, and aggressive players who bet hard ways and proposition bets. If these aggressive players continue, they will usually (but not always) lose their money before the final round. If youíre in the group playing pass/come, you need some way of breaking out of the pack - like waiting for two consecutive points to be made and then jumping to the donít. You have to start doing something the other players are not doing in order to win. Letís say the leader has $100 on the pass line and the point is 4. He takes $200 odds. You could then lay the 4 for $200. If a seven rolls, you have suddenly managed to put yourself $400 ahead, as he would have lost $300 and you won $100. You have to try things, be inventive, and make bets that the other players would not think of making.

Tournaments are not for everyone, but they are for some. If you are the Ďsomeí then you should head to Las Vegas Advisor, in order to find out when the next craps tournament is in Vegas. | | | | |
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