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Golden Palace Poker

So you are ready to play some poker, and you are ready to play it online. Where do you go? What do you do? These are the exact questions I pondered when I wanted to play some poker online for the first time.

These days you can play online poker anytime, playing a serious of different styles if you like. Most poker packages even offer you the ability to play in tournaments. Some of these tournaments even have value to them, and not just for bragging rights. Have you ever heard of the World Series of Poker? If you have that is great, if you havenít, maybe you should check it out. Most of the software packages offered and actually, most of the software packages that I am reviewing offer exactly that, the ability to play in prestige tournaments.

Golden Palace has offered great casino gaming in the past and they have not fallen short here either. Their poker software is amongst the best in the world, as I have spent hours and hours playing with it.

Some of the key areas I loved about their poker software were its attention to detail, enticing sounds, fast game play, great competition, and its professional look and feel.

The attention to detail is amazing. I was truly amazed when I first opened the software to play a hand of Texas Holdem. The table design and layout were amazing. The details didn't stop there though. The attention to detail in regards to the look and feel of the chips was fantastic, even the sound of the chips splashing the pot was outstanding; it almost gave me goose bumps.

Aside from the attention to detail, I was impressed by the way they kept the flow of the game going. The way they did this was to introduce a timer to the game, which keeps everyone on task and betting. If an individual takes longer than twenty seconds, their hand will be mucked and left behind.

As well as the two great qualities mentioned above, I must talk about the great customer service that offers. Available for calls 24 hours a day and seven days a week, is amongst the best in customer service.

If you are interested in trying Golden Palace Poker, you can download it here. It is one of a kind and can be in your possession in a matter of minutes. Playing poker tournaments online has never been so easy. | | | | |
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