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Gambling Tournaments

Tournaments are found all over the place and the same holds true for casinos. The casinos have been running tournaments for years now and it has started to filter over into the online world as well as did the casino craze.

Land Casino Tournaments

In general, there are tournaments for everything, this also holds true for the casino. Casinos for along time have known that besides gambling, people love to have a good competition. Vegas has made millions of dollars knowing what people want and knowing what they will do in order to get it, or try and get it I might better have said.

Casino tournaments are run much like other tournaments that you might have been involved in. There is a sign-up fee, a list of competitors, rules, and let’s not forget the main ingredient, the prize table or list. Since this is a gambling tournament most of the prizes to be won are cash prizes and are usually the ones that get most of the attention.

For an example of a casino tournament, I will provide you with a typical slots tournament. Slot tournaments usually cost about $300 to enter. This includes your room for two nights, both breakfasts, a party where they will server you dinner and a prize if you are so lucky to be amongst the winners. Some of the prizes are as high as $20,000, not to bad for a two-day trip that only cost you $300.

However, not all tournaments are created equal so if you read about one do not assume it will be the same as the others. Many casinos have their own way of dealing with tournaments and you should know all the facts before getting yourself involved. For instance, some casinos will offer you a free stay at their casino with meals paid for, actually the whole trip paid for, minus travel of course, but they do not come right out and say that you have to bring a spouse or a loved one. I know some people are thinking, well big deal; I will bring someone along free. Well you might want to consider a couple of things before you jump the gun on that one.

Let us not even count in travel and keep to the subject matter. If you were to find your way down to Vegas, enter in an all expensed paid tournament, with your spouse of course, you would still incur a lot of extra expense. The one expense I am referring too is the gambling expense. You see, casinos are not stupid, we might all want them to be, but they are not. If you were to take an average of what a “normal” person will spend in a casino per day, you will come up with a figure between one hundred and two hundred dollars. So, let us split the difference and say one fifty, that is probably the minimum someone will spend in Vegas per day while waiting eight hours for a tournament to take place. Also, remember that this is a two-day event; therefore, at minimum, your loved one is going to spend three hundred dollars alone, not to mention how much extra you are going to spend during the down time of your tournament.

Now, I do not want to discourage people from entering these tournaments. They are a great opportunity to get a cheap rate on a quick trip to Vegas, or to have fun, but you should know all the expense that you will incur while you are there. It would really be too bad for someone to go and expect something that they are not going to get. I just want to make you aware of the opportunity that is there, but to give you all the knowledge you need to make the best choice.

Online Casino Tournaments

With the online gambling industry rising at an incredible rate, the availability of online gambling tournaments is at an all time high. Simply download the software and you are ready to go. Be aware that many of the tournaments that are available online are in the form of poker.

Online tournaments can be a lot of fun, they are easy to play, and they become even more fun when you can play with all of your own friends. This is the beauty of online play; you get to choose who you play with. If you want to get a group of friends together for a Friday poker night, you do not have to drive an hour to get there anymore, just connect to each other online, and begin your play.

Aside from poker there are other games you can play online: keno, craps, slots, and the list goes on and on. If you are looking for specific games to play online, you can go to and download their software packages. They do not run tournaments for specific games, but have a great software package that will allow you to play all of the games you could ever imagine. With a running total of over fifty games, they continue to expand their horizons and beat the competition. Most recently, they released their poker software This is a great piece of software and is highly recommended.

As well as you can get other software packages that allow you to play online and that are geared towards poker tournaments much the same as Some of the best software that I have tried only relates to poker players.,, and are all excellent software packages. You can read reviews on each of these specific software packages here.

If you are interested in other casino games, can provide some of the best that are available. offers you the best of both worlds: free games with the potential to win real money. If you want to play in a risk-free online tournament environment, with craps, slots, video poker, roulette and/or blackjack, then is for you.

With what was provided on this page you should be able to get yourself involved in some of the better tournaments that are available to you online, as well as be able to get yourself into one of the best online communities for gambling online.

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