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Much like poker, slot tournaments have gained tremendous popularity over the past few years. Las Vegas slot tournaments are largely popular because of the prize structure that is offered. It is not unheard of to have a first place prize of $25,000.

Much like other casino tournaments, casinos notify their slot club members (casino members that have a special casino card to track their play) of an upcoming tournament. Most casinos offer a special rate to their players, which include free meals as well as a party. The fee for some of these slot tournaments can range from $149 to $349. For some of the VIP card holders and players that are dedicated to the casino and play and spend a lot of money there are comped the entire event. This means meals, rooms, tournament, everything.

As I mentioned, when I was talking about blackjack tournaments, the casino is not doing this in order to be nice, but rather as a cleaver sale. If they can sell you or get you to come to their casino free or at a low rate, then they are willing to bet that the guest that you are required in most cases to bring will play and lose. From this the casino stands to profit a great deal. So when you think someone is giving something away free, think again.

Once you are entered into the tournament you will have to find out the schedule in which you are supposed to play. Some tournaments allow you to sign up for your times, usually first come first serve. If you wish to play at the time you want then you had better show up early. Most schedules are spread out through out the day in order to entice you to gamble between games. Be smart here as you could spend a lot in an afternoon waiting for your next round.

Ok, so now you are ready to play. You are at your desired machine at the right time and it is time to begin. All slot tournaments are timed, usually 10 or 15-minute rounds. When you begin to play, it is constant, non-stop, tapping, spinning, action. You best not relax or slack during this time as one spin could separate first and second place.

Once your time is up the round is over. This is repeated for as many rounds that are scheduled for the tournament, and all credits are added together at the end in order to distinguish a winner.

Would you consider playing in a slot tournament? Are they even worth it? I guess that is up for you to decide. I think that they are worth it if you get involved into the right slot tournament. Consider the free or discounted package deal that you received. Most times, to go to Vegas for two or three days, it will cost you $180 a night for a hotel, then about $50/day each for food, and then any gambling you want to do. If you consider that you and a friend can go and have a great time for as little as $200, with most food and gambling covered, you begin to see it in a positive light. | | | | |
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