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Some people might argue that land-based poker tournaments have created the online craze for poker, which would make sense because it has been around longer, but I would have to argue that it is actually the other way around.

The land-based poker tournaments did not become as big as they are today without the aid of its counterpart, the online poker tournament. Some of the best and most recent challengers at the World Series of Poker, one of pokers elite championships, have come from the online scene.

Poker tournaments have been around for years and years, dating back to when cards were first dealt. The most popular style of tournament that is played in the casino today is, No Limit Texas Holdem. This style of poker is one of the most exciting that I have ever played. I do not know if I just jumped on the bandwagon or not, but it sure did not take me long to get on board and I love every minute of it.

Texas Holdem poker is played with up to nine players, usually best played with five or six people with equal skill. In the game of Texas Holdem there is more skill than luck, as most players only play 30% of the hands they are dealt. The veterans and more skilled players try to limit the amount of luck that it takes in order to win, so they only play when the odds are in their favor.

If you are interested in seeking one of these tournaments, you can find many at the provided link, Las Vegas Advisor . Here you will find all the up and coming tournaments in the wonderful city of Las Vegas.

Besides Holdem poker you can find other variations of poker to play in a tournament, Seven Card Stud, Stud H/L, Omaha H/L and Omaha to mention a couple. All of these poker styles are exciting as well, but do not get the world coverage that Texas Holdem does.

How much are these tournaments? They vary in price actually. You can buy into some of these tournaments for as low as $10 and others will run you $5000. Some of the less expensive tournaments are just satellite tournaments to get into a larger scale tournament. For example in order to get into the World Series of Poker (WSOP) you are required to participate in several satellite tournaments.

Poker tournaments can be quite fun and more exciting than the regular poker table at the casino. Usually there is more at stake, with winning prizes of $20,000, not to mention the attention you will get while at the main table of the tournament.

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