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All of this talk about online gambling and tournament play has me to thinking…where can you play? Well I have done some research, scoured the internet, and have come up with a solution, They offer you everything. Here you can play online casino games for free as well as in a tournament. You can even win prizes and even better, the prizes are money to play at a real online casino. So not only are they giving you money, but a chance to win more of it.

It is simple to get involved. The first thing you have to do is get there and that is as easy as clicking Next, you have to sign up, you can get to the sign up page by clicking Once you are there, you can follow the on screen instructions and you should be good to go. It really is that easy.

Once you have signed up and are playing the games, you will notice there is an entire ‘OC’ community out there. Some of the players have been playing there steadily for over a year and continue to play for the pure enjoyment they get from chatting and visiting with friends while at the same time competing.

The promotion or prizes to be won right now are free credits at, but in order to win or be eligible to win, you must go there. The top three players from each game will win $75 for first, $50 for second and $25 for third place. All prizes are handed out by the end of the next tournament; usually they will contact you with in two days of the tournament ending.

Online tournaments are a great place to start your adventure into casino games as well as the tournament frontier. With the games at, you will at least be able to practice your skills free and not have the fear of losing a dime. The bonus here is that you are still able to win first place, even though you are just practicing and honing your skills. | | | | |
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