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Las Vegas

Located in the southern mid-western part of the United States, between California and Utah, with a population of 478, 434, you have one of the biggest tourist drawing cities in the world. Welcome to Las Vegas, where you can place a bet anywhere, all the time, with no questions asked.

Downtown, Fremont Street is where all the glitter and glamour is. If you are a gambling purist, a money thrill seeking junkie, or someone that loves to be entertained, then Las Vegas is the place for you. It has been home to some of the most famous and wildest people in America.

Since Vegas’ start in 1906, when the hotel, Golden Gate, was first built, it has become something that no one could have ever imagined, with its 40-foot-high cowboy neon sign, know as “Vegas Vic,” to its seemingly endless string of city street lights, one is in complete awe when in Vegas’ presence.

The Strip houses many of the countries biggest and wildest casinos, with a total number of gambling licenses exceeding twelve hundred. Some of the biggest casino names in Las Vegas are, Golden Nugget, MGM, Fremont, and Caesars Palace. All of these casinos house some of the best tournaments in Vegas. From slots to craps, there is really no end to the games that are available in all of the casinos in Vegas.

Over the past several years, there has been a major change in the downtown casino core. There have been facelifts to some casinos, in order to keep up with today’s look and tomorrows expectancies, but one thing remains the same, what is inside.

If you have never been inside of one of these larger casinos, you have to get there. The casinos are beautiful; they really have outdone themselves to capture your attention. The detailed architecture is stunning and the attention to customer care is impeccable. | | | | |
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