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Full Tilt Software Review -

Full Tilt Poker Software Review

With the rise of poker over the past year or two, we have come to know some of the finest in the game. Some of the finest in the game are playing and promoting Full Tilt Poker themselves, this is why I decided to try it myself.

Chris Ferguson, also known as Jesus, was at the World Series of Poker last year. I vividly remember him campaigning for a new software package and this was it. With ten of the top poker players in the world playing and promoting your product you cannot have gone wrong.

Chris is not the only one playing Full Tilt Poker; thousands of other worthy players have been joining every day and playing quite well. With the rise in poker popularity, new poker stars have been immerging onto the scene. Because of this new phenomenon, tournaments are becoming more diverse and unbelievably hard to predict. The new poker styles coming forth from online play is incredible, people are becoming hard to read.

Full Tilt Poker is by far in the top five of all poker software suites. It has a great layout and GUI design, as well as unbelievable game play, sounds, avatars, and playability.

I mentioned playability because it is one of the most import aspects of any game. If you are not able to play it day in and day out the software is no good. With Full Tilt Poker, you will not even be able to leave the game let alone have to come back to it; you will be there the whole time.

One of the nice things about Full Tilt Poker is the graphical detail that is implemented into the game. The avatars, the small icons that represent a person, are very entertaining. From a Wild West cowboy to an NHL hockey player, the selection is very broad, but that is not even the half of it. The table design, colors, and chat are all other things that add to the overall graphical experience.

Aside from the incredible graphics, the tournament play is brilliant. I love the way that they have incorporated satellite mini tournaments for other big named tournaments, like the WSOP. These mini satellite tournaments allow some of the minor players to win enough money to be able to play in larger online tournaments, even allow some winners to enter into the larger tournaments free.

I think Full Tilt really has a winner here. All of the pros think so, so I do not see why you should not try it. | | | | |
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