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Atlantic City

Only a short drive from New York and an even shorter one from Pennsylvania, Atlantic City is the, Atlantic coast’s Vegas. Even though it might not house the shear amount of casinos that its big brother, Las Vegas does, this casino city is far from being small and barren.

Atlantic City has a population of just over 38,000, but entertains over 32 million visitors a year. With its 12 luxurious casinos and boardwalk café style bars, it is a destination that must be seen.

As we have seen with Las Vegas, Atlantic City is also under going some major construction and changes. The reason for these major face-lifts has to do with the introduction of the latest casino, which was opened in the early 1990’s by the MGM Grand. It is like no other in the city and was obviously built to cater to the younger, trendier crowd.

Some of the major changes that have been happening amongst the city are a 27-story luxury tower, a stunning art deco façade, 13,700 square feet of new gaming space, and a new porte cochere. The Tropicana is working on a 21,000 square foot market along a boardwalk, with kiosks and restaurants, including the first Atlantic City Beer garden, full of street performers and much more other fun entertainment options.

With all of the upgrades that have been put into the city and all that will be put into it, Atlantic City will be and should be a destination of choice for years to come. | | | | |
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