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Poker Players - Phil Ivey -

Poker Players - Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey grew up in New Jersey, where he started his pro poker career in Atlantic City. Formerly a video game phenom, Phil now directs that energy toward the poker table, and it's paying off.

He won his first WSOP title at the age of 23, where he beat Phil Helmuth and Amarillo Slim in Pot-Limit Omaha. He followed up by winning three WSOP titles in one year, 2003. He's also won two Bellagio tournaments, one WPO, and two Commerce tournaments, not to mention his three appearances at WPT final tables. His tournament statistics are impressive, but Phil is equally impressive in live money games - he regularly beats the biggest games in the world.

Phil and his wife (his high school sweetheart) recently moved to Vegas, and are looking forward to getting a dog. When Phil isn't working on his game he's playing pick-up basketball, listening to music, or following his favorite sports team - the Los Angeles Lakers. He's also taken up golf. He's just learning, but would like to become very good.

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