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Poker Players - Jennifer Harman -

Poker Players - Jennifer Harman

World Series of Poker bracelets aren't designed for women. Neiman Marcus makes a daintier chain for the winner of the Ladies' Tournament, but in the open events the men are expected to take home the jewelry. Only a handful of women have ever won even one of the heavier bracelets. Jennifer Harman has two.

And as impressive a distinction as that is, it's even more amazing when you consider that Jennifer made her reputation as a cash game player. Show up at the Bellagio on any given evening and look for the $2000-4000 game. It's a veritable Who's Who of Poker. Doyle Brunson and Chip Reese, Lyle Berman and Johnny Chan. You might miss her at first glance, hidden behind a pile of chips, but everyone in the game is aware of Jennifer Harman's presence at the table.

Away from the table, Jennifer is equally impressive. Add 'author' to her list of credits when the sequel to the Bible of poker, SuperSystem 2, gets released this month. Jennifer wrote the chapter on Limit Hold'em.

Her media appearances include ESPN, ABC Primetime, Ellen Degeneres, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, MPR Radio, and others. And Sports Illustrated has described her as the most feared poker player in the world.

When Jennifer isn't playing poker, writing about poker, or doing public appearances talking about poker, she is a philanthropist. Jennifer spent the final event of this year's World Series undergoing a kidney transplant. While she is fortunate enough to have a loving family (the kidney came from her niece), not everyone can find a match among their loved ones. She is putting together the "Jen Harman Challenge" to raise awareness about the importance of becoming an organ donor.

Recently married, Jen likes to stay home playing with her dogs, go to movies, and hang out with friends.

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