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Poker Players - Phil Gordon -

Poker Players - Phil Gordon

Phil Gordon, expert poker analyst and co-host for Celebrity Poker Showdown -- on Bravo, is a world-class poker player, adventure traveler, and accomplished businessman.

Phil has won nearly $1,100,000 in poker tournaments, including a win at the WPT, and multiple final tables at the WSOP. Phil's most recent win was the Shooting Stars tournament in March 2004, where he walked away with the $360,000 first prize. Phil's poker experiences have been chronicled in Cigar Aficionado, Smithsonian Magazine, CNBC's "Squawk Box", Card Player Magazine, a classic episode of "Blind Date," and many other publications throughout the world.

Phil came to the world of professional poker via the high-tech industry. With a degree in Computer Science from Georgia Tech, and 2 years under his belt with Lockheed, Phil joined Netsys technologies as its lead software engineer and first employee. Three years later, Cisco systems purchased Netsys for 95 million dollars in stock and cash.

Phil grabbed the money and took flight. During the next 5 years, Phil traveled solo to over 50 countries on 6 continents. After traveling the world, Phil was ready to stay a little closer to home, so in 2003, he bought a monster RV with his best friend and poker professional Rafe Furst. They set out on the Ultimate Sports Adventure - an odyssey encompassing more than 140 sports events in 40 states. The trip wasn't all fun and games, during the course of their trip they raised over $100,000 for the Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation.

Phil has written a poker book titled "Poker: The Real Deal" published by Simon and Schuster. The book is now available in bookstores nationwide.

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