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Whether online or in the actual casino in Vegas, slots will always be one of the trademark attractions to the casino. When planning to play slots choosing the right machine can make the difference between winning or loosing your bankroll. The first thing you will want to pay close attention to are the rules. Are they too demanding? Are they asking for some ridicules combination to win? The second are the payouts, all machines payout differently, so pay attention here. You can find out the pay schedule if you pay particular attention to the lit up payout schedule that you will see above the main screen.

Slot Rules

The rules for slots are simple and anyone can learn them. The one thing you have to know to be able to play is, absolutely NOTHING. Well, maybe a bit more than nothing, but not much. Really, all you need is a bucket full of tokens (money) and the time to sit down and play. Learning the individual machine is not hard at all, they will detail the rules at the top of the machine and by reading the instructions, playing a couple of spins, you will quickly learn the ins and outs of any particular machine you want.

Slot Strategy & Slot Tips

  1. Learn the slot machine you are playing, no two machines are the same so learn the rules as well as the payouts on the particular slot before going any further than sitting down.
  2. Make sure you insert the right amount of money into the slot machine. Slots have a thing where the more money you place in, the more money you potentially can win. Chose the right amount in order to win what you desire.
  3. Always cash out before leaving the machine. Slots will allow you to insert a twenty so you do not have to keep putting in money and often people will get up from the slot that they are playing and not cash out. ALWAYS CASH OUT!
  4. Have fun. I cannot say it often enough. If you are going to Vegas to win a million, you have gone to the wrong place. Your intentions should be to have fun, so do it.
  5. Use money management. You should be there for fun, so if you blow all your money at one sitting then I cannot imagine you having too much fun. Take your time, roam the floor, and enjoy yourself. | | | | |
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