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Let’s start with a saying that was told to me when I first started the wonderful game of poker, “Poker is easy to learn, but takes a life time to master.” This statement cannot be reiterated enough to the beginner. If you think that you are going to walk up to the World Series of Poker tournament, plunker down and win, you have another thing coming. These guys and gals will have you out in a matter of minutes and you will walk away crying like a baby. Players that are playing in such poker tournaments as WSOP have been playing for years, and yes there are some players that have only been playing for a couple of years, but the time and dedication that they have committed to their play is incredible.

For simplicity, I am going only going to mention two styles of poker or both of us could be spending a considerable amount of time on this site. As time goes on I may add sections, but in order to get the ball rolling and feel a bit of a relief of getting something up and on the web I will only cover a few of the poker styles.

Texas Holdem Poker

This style has grown in popularity over the last couple of years and that can be attributed to the live TV coverage it has been getting. You cannot turn on your television any more without seeing a glimpse of the World Series of Poker. This tournament has grabbed the attention of not only the United States and Canada, but also the world. There are players coming from all over the world to play in a Texas Holdem poker tournament. The WSOP is for the elite and you can get there by several different avenues, many players are coming in from the internet and other the good old fashion way.

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Omaha Holdem Poker

This is played the same as Texas Hold 'Em, with two exceptions. One, that each player is dealt four cards at the beginning of the game instead of two. Two, when making one's best five card hand, each player must use exactly three of the five community cards and two of their four hole cards.

The game can be played as per Texas Hold 'Em rules (with blinds) or as per Home Hold 'Em rules (with antes). Another home variation is to allow players to use whatever combination of community cards and the hole cards that they want to make their five card hand.

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