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Women Wins Poker Tournament

Date entered: 14/01/2005 10:10:02
Source: press release

A Washington woman placed third in the Saturday night poker tournament at Party, winning $7,500.00. The woman, Macy Shaw, who plays under the nickname MacyAA, credits an online website with helping her place in the weekly online Texas Hold Em tournament. According to Macy, "The website helped me decide which hands to play, which hands to raise, and how to calculated my pot odds. I just kept their website open while I played the tournament, and it really made a difference. I was much more confident knowing I was making the right choices."

Online poker websites can be a great help to beginning poker players. Beginners typically play in too many pots, often with weak hands. They also stay too long in a hand, when they are already beat, or drawing dead. Online poker is a tougher game, and you must play more disciplined and be more selective in your starting hands.

Online poker websites can help beginners avoid these newbie mistakes, and also help them to define their style of play. More poker players are using online poker rooms, for a number of reasons. Many online players prefer the smoke free environment and freedom from tipping dealers. So, shuffle up and deal. | | | | |
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